Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transitional Dressing

That cotton lawn dress from this summer was so lovely & easy, I decided why not have a fall/winter one? Why not, indeed! It is a rare occurrence that I make something more than once, but I think this is the beginning of a trend. FYI: it's much easier to make something the second time (duh!).
Here 'tis - not totally finished, but it's the general silhouette:

Fabric from Blackberg Creative in colors that go perfectly with a Fall/Winter palate....

Monday, August 17, 2015

Putting A Hex On It

Starting a new project using the skills from Blackberg's class on English Paper Piecing! 
Plus, I'm utilizing fabric I've tried to find a need for over the last 8 years at least! Ole! 
Trying to figure what it'll be. Guess patience will determine that answer....

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I had this heavy denim for a few years at least & finally figured out it's destiny. 
An ancient cheap denim skirt of mine (maybe from early 2000's?) is almost at it's end, but fits really well. So, why not pattern it? With an asymmetrical opening! And asymmetrical hem! Why Not??
Hopefully, the pictures show this decision:

Oh, and remember these adorable tags?

 One has a new home inside this project!

Monday, June 29, 2015

This & That

Well, that's it: a little of this, a little of that.
Red summer handbag from years back with new (re-used) red handles attached. Easy-peasy & finally finished thanks to an evening at Blackberg Creative's Pints and Purls get-together! (note the dress from a previous post!)

Also from an evening at Blackberg, this English Paper piecing sample. So cool, this method! Above is the artsy shot in the backyard, below is the one where you can actually see what's going on.

The grey felt is about 5" square & it's all hand-stitched. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Like a Phoenix....

Yes, like a phoenix from the ashes, my unfortunate patterning/stitching choices are being repaired. Little by little, the wardrobe is growing.....

I just wish I had 'before' pix of this one! Anyhow, 3-4 years ago I made it with way too much fabric flowing around to be attractive but I gave it a serious try, doggone it. (It's from one of those amazing Japanese pattern magazines, so I couldn't tell the sizing.)
I lopped off the sleeves (3/4 length & slightly puffy), took in the center back & took in the center front by way of a keyhole opening. Works much better!
CB tucks (got gold metallic thread topstitching)

CF new opening (with ties braided from this cool metallic-ish yarn)

Dress, newly reconfigured, ready for finishing!

Having A Ball With Fashionable Voile!

So, the fabric from Blackberg Creative Studios (this fabric) totally became a dress! And within this calendar year! (impressive!)
Here are the pictures:

Really bad selfie of dress. I wanted to see if it looked bad with a dark slip & didn't get the bodice in the pic. But the French seams are obvious in this photo. J'adore French seams! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Fabric!!

New Fabric & a new place to buy it!!!

Just opened in Asheville's South Slope is Blackberg Creative Studios (friend Stephanie is the owner!)! It's a fun space to take classes, purchase beautiful supplies & material & possibly teach a class (if so inclined). Fabulous, bright & cheery - you know I'll be back again & again!!
Look at this lovely voile! And those doggone labels? Yes, thank you! One has already made it onto a skirt just finished (post to come). 
There's another fabric - a fabulously striking purple & orange combo - I'll get a pic sooner or later.